Religious Liberty

Protecting Religious Liberty in a Rapidly Evolving Society

In her address at Inner Temple, London, the President of the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints underscores the importance of defending religious liberty while seeking common ground. Drawing from her legal background and the Relief Society's mission, she highlights the organization's role in providing both temporal and spiritual relief globally. Emphasizing principles of political neutrality, humanitarian aid, and collaboration, she advocates for the universal application of compassion and service, promoting unity and integrity amidst the challenges of an evolving society.

Camille N. Johnson
“Religious Responses to the Rise of Autocracy” panel at the 2023 Notre Dame Religious Liberty Summit, held at Inner Temple, London, United Kingdom. – Jul 13, 2023

Defend Divinely Inspired Freedoms 2018

Quentin L. Cook
J. Reuben Clark Law Society’s 2018 Annual Conference – Feb 16, 2018

Law, Love, Liberty

Lance B. Wickman
J. Reuben Clark Law Society Annual Meeting – Feb 14, 2014

How to Defend Religious Freedom

Quentin L. Cook
Adapted from a December 2011 commencement address at BYU–Idaho, “The Restoration of Morality and Religious Freedom.” – Oct 1, 2012